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Published in Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1904.  C. E. Wood, Editor and Publisher.  Printed by the Evening Star Print.  Original illustrated green wrappers; square-bound.  80 pages, plus 9 inserted photographic pages.  Dimensions: 9-1/2 inches wide by 12-1/4 inches in height.

An intriguing pro-Mine Owner's Association and Citizens' Alliance publication -- in answer to the Cripple Creek Times special edition of 1904 (listed below), which was generally pro-Western Federation of Miners.  Numerous articles in this publication include: History of Cripple Creek District; Cripple Creek Strike of 1903, Its Genesis and Meaning; Cripple Creek Drainage Tunnel; Mine Owners' Grounds for Opposition to Western Federation of Miners; Citizens' Alliance Movement; Gold Production for Year 1903; The Strike from the Union Standpoint; Gillett, the Natural Residence Town of the District; the Public Schools, Growth of a Decade; Stratton's Independence, the Great Mine; Future of the Cripple Creek District; Gold Coin and United Mines; Future of the Stock Market; Vindicator Horror: Two Good Mining Men Killed; The Story of Camp Goldfield; and many other articles.  Filled with regional mining advertisements.

Photographs by M. A. Wisda.

Price: $2,000.00



Story of the World's Greatest Gold Camp Cripple Creek 1904.jpg (80343 bytes)

Told in prose, poetry and pictures by the Cripple Creek Times.  W.H. Griffith, Manager.  Labor Troubles, 1903 - 04.  August 1, 1904.  Original illustrated stiff wrappers; 60 pages, plus 12 pages of advertisements, with illustrations.  Condition: very good; last 12 pages have small circular stain on lower part of page

Price: $750.00


A GUIDE TO THE MINES OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT, by Bill Munn, published1984, first edition -- SIGNED BY BILL MUNN.   Century One Press, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Book is in its original pictorial stiff wrappers; 72 pages; numerous  photographs and several maps.  Condition of book: very good plus; binding strong; pages clean and fresh.

  Price: $60.00



By Brian Levine

CRIPPLE CREEK: CITY OF INFLUENCE, An Excursion into the Historic Heart of Colorado's Greatest Gold Camp, 1995, second edition.  Limited hardback edition, #117 of 250.  Written by Brian Levine, Historic Preservation Director, City of Cripple Creek; and, Photography by Joe Vanderwalker, long-term resident of the Cripple Creek District.  Published by the Historic Preservation Department, City of Cripple Creek.  Book is in its original gray cloth hardcover binding with gold embossing on front cover and spine; 151 enamel-coated pages; original dust jacket.  Book and dust jacket are in fine condition; strong spine; clean, bright, fresh pages.  Original, unissued Argonaut Gold Mining Company stock certificate (circa 1900) tipped into front of book, signed by Joe Vanderwalker and Brian Levine.  Plus, an issued, early original Cripple Creek stock tipped in the back of book.

  Price: $300.00

Also available:

First edition paperback of CRIPPLE CREEK: CITY OF INFLUENCE, published 1994, available, fine condition, signed by Joe Vanderwalker and Brian Levine on title page.  Mr. Vanderwalker, a long-term resident of the Cripple Creek District -- miner, electrician, mechanic, inventor, historian -- was born in 1905, in Wilbur, Colorado (a settlement along the Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad).  He lived a good portion of his life in Victor, in the Cripple Creek District.  He passed away at age 93.  Because of his sharp and intelligent mind, wonderful perceptions, incredibly accurate memory, and benevolent heart, Joe became a Cripple Creek legend, rising into place with many of the other Cripple Creek legends immortalized in books and museums. 

Price: $30.00



by Brian Levine

Introduction by Lowell Thomas, Jr.

LOWELL THOMAS' VICTOR: The Man and The Town, by Brian H. Levine, with an Introduction by Lowell Thomas, Jr.  Published by Century One Press, 1982, limited edition of 500 copies.  Original hardback binding; 108 pages; original dust jacket.  Overall condition: fine.  Illustrations.  Lowell Thomas in Victor learning, from experiences in the "Greatest Gold Camp on Earth," the journalism that would make him world famous.  Lowell Thomas in his last visit to one of his favorite places in the world.

  Price: $100.00



by Brian Levine

CRIPPLE CREEK GOLD: A Centennial History of the Cripple Creek District, by Brian Levine, published in 1988, first edition.  Number 007 of 125 limited hardback copies, dust-jacketed, original gold-cloth binding, with two original unissued Cripple Creek stock certificates tipped in.   Book is 110 pages, has numerous illustrations, lengthy bibliography with illustrations of historical publications.  Chapters on significant Cripple Creek personalities with facsimiles of their signatures.  Often sought after by collectors of Cripple Creek mining stocks, historical publications, and other historical ephemera.  Condition of book and dust jacket: fine; strong, tight binding; clean, bright, fresh pages.  Original stock tipped into front of book is, The Brokers' Gold Mining Company, circa 189_; unissued, but signed by MR. Joe Vanderwalker (long-time resident of Victor and the Cripple Creek District) as secretary, and Brian Levine as president.  Original stock tipped into back of book is The Cripple Creek Gold Milling Company, unissued, circa 189_.

Price: $300.00


Lindgren, Waldemar and Ransome, Frederick Leslie.  GEOLOGY AND GOLD DEPOSITS OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT, COLORADO.  USGS Professional Paper 54.  Washington: Government Printing Office, 1906.  Hardbound; complete with 3 foldout maps and all interior plates; 516 pages.  Condition: very good; cloth, original printed paper wrappers, spine reinforced with cloth binding.

Price: $475.00


Koschmann, A.H.  STRUCTURAL CONTROL OF THE GOLD DEPOSITS OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT, TELLER COUNTY, COLORADO.  United States Geological Survey Bulletin 955-B.  United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1949.  Publication in its original gray printed wrappers; 60 pages; complete with two foldout maps in rear pocket.  Condition: very good plus.

Price: $45.00


Lindgren, Waldemar and Ransome, Frederick Leslie.  REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE GEOLOGICAL RESURVEY OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT, COLORADO.  United States Geological Survey Bulletin No. 254.  Washington: Government Printing Office, 1904.  Original gray printed wrappers; 36 pages.  Condition: wrappers have light aging along edges; previous owner marked out on cover and title page; otherwise, pages are clean and bright; good plus to very good. 

 Price: $45.00




Transmississippi Congress Cripple Creek 1.jpg (164487 bytes)

Published by The Official Souvenir Publishing Company under the direction of The Local Executive Committee, in cooperation with The Midland Terminal Railway, 1901

Original Photographic covers

Transmississippi Congress Cripple Creek 2.jpg (190210 bytes)

72 pages; 8-1/2 by 11 inches

The Publisher's Press Room Company, Denver, Colorado; Also, in conjunction with the Cripple Creek Evening Star, Victor Daily Record, Victor Daily Times, and Cripple Creek Daily Press.  Excellent descriptive and pictorial of the Cripple Creek Gold Mining District.  Very good condition

Price: $600.00


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